Monday, August 25, 2008

That Slippery Stuff from Where? Who's Packin?

I'm a little sleep deprived so I wanted to ask a question. It is my understanding that most of the crude oil, the United States imports, is from our neighbor to the north, Canada? So why is it then we are so dependent on what level of oil production the middle east can turn out to set our prices? Also, why is it that the oil companies seem to be portrayed as 'victims of circumstance' that happen to be reaping huge profits at the same time? One last thing to ponder because I still don't understand. How is this supposed to work out for the consumer? Why do we give the oil companies these tax breaks for developing 'NEW' energy alternatives to break away from fossil fuel dependence? Isn't it their primary duty to ensure we stay addicted to fossil fuels? Wouldn't alternative energy be contrary to their business plans? I know if I ran the oil conglomerates I would do everything in my power to stop alternative energy sources to continue my windfall profits. I guess I would make a bad executive in this field, or would I? In Florida, Governor Charlie Crist has fought long and hard to stop offshore drilling because of environmental and tourism reasons (people from Wisconsin, or wherever, don't want to see oil rigs many miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. Talk about great eyesight!). I don't think the Chinese oil drilling contractors care about all that while they prepare to drill off the coast of Cuba for oil for the Cuban govt. Hey, isn't that the same body of water next to Florida? Too bad their safety and environmental standards don't meet ours. By the way, did I mention something Gov. Crist did fight to get into law? In Florida you can legally bring a gun to work but you must leave it in your car trunk (I guess that means you don't need to drive home to get it when you get fired, it's already there). Disney World was trying to fight it because they have classrooms on the property but the fight wasn't going too well last time I heard anything. I think I'm tired now and I thank you for your patience. These are just my thoughts and if I am mistaken please let me know so I can make any necessary corrections.
Till next time.

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