Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gold for Cash? Right!

This is going to be a short piece today because I can't take watching these commercials anymore. Why would somebody actually think that if they put their gold in a special envelope and mail it away they will get an honest, fair market value for it in the mail a day later. That's right, I said a day later. I watched this commercial too many times to know I heard right. The woman said she "sent back my first wedding ring and received a check the very next day"! WOW! I guess the increase in the postal rates really did buy faster service. Yeah, RIGHT! I knew that after making this type of claim the rest of the offer had to be far from true. What they don't tell you when you send in, say a class ring, is that most of the weight of that heavy ring is mostly junk metal that you are mot getting anything for. I wouldn't pay someone for it either, why should they. Every time there is a commodity that spikes in value you will always find marketers that are right there to make some money on it.
Seller beware, the gold you are mailing may have more value as a complete piece sold to a jeweler, or pawn agent, than you will receive as 'scrap' value. Several jewelers told me the same thing. Oh yes, what happens to any stones that are attached to the gold? I'm sure those will be returned with your check. Right? ;)

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